Stunning rare enamel advertising for Zenith, pocket watches. At that time a real luxury product. Designed by Jean D’Ylen, pupil of the great Leonetto Cappiello at Studio Vercasson, Paris. A beautiful piece, curved, with strong colours on a black background. The design shows Chronos, king of the Titans and the Greek god of time, on a Zenith pocket watch. The Swiss brand Zenith was launched in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot in Lelocle/Neuch√Ętel and was competing with other brands as Omega, Junghans, Elections, etc. Only the best artists were chosen to create eye-catching advertising for this highly coveted luxury product. How lucky we are to still enjoy this beautiful design today!

Design by Jean D’Ylen
Pyro Email, Germany
Anno 1925 – 1928
49cm x 69cm

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