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Enamel advertising signs have vanished from their original locations in the streets, store fronts and public places since many decades. Nowadays most of the finest and most exclusive signs have found their way to museums, private collections and interiors all over the world. From Paris to Singapore, from Buenos Aires to Zürich, from Vienna to Berlin or even New York.

Unlike posters, which were sometimes as large as 100 square meters, space on an enamel advertising sign was very limited. Therefore, design and colours were of utmost importance. An interest reinforced by the durability of the enamel sign, which its makers guaranteed would remain colourfast and intact for up to 30 years or more, while posters had a limited lifespan, being exposed to all kinds of weather. To attract the attention of the passer-by every sign had it’s own eye-catching design and character. So the greatest artists were brought in and they created little works of art for the world’s most delicious chocolate, the finest apéritifs and spirits, the most accurate watch, the tastiest cigarettes or coffee, an irresistible perfume or even the purest mineral water on earth. Pioneer brands like Nestlé, Milka, Sunlight, Liebig, Suchard, Maggi created international brand awareness and were able to invest in marketing and promotion through enamel street advertising. They certainly did well and are still immediately recognised in today’s market … 100, some even 120 years later. Proof that first impressions can last a lifetime !
Pioneer brands anno 1900,
Nestlé, Milka, Menier, Villars …
1920’s Studio Vercasson Advertising promoting Jean D’Ylens’ work

The biggest advertising agencies at the end of the 19th century, located in Paris, London or New York competed with eachother to attract the very bést poster – and advertising designers and have them work for their agency exclusively. Their n°1 goal was to create the most eye-catching design for their clients or brands they had contracts with. Be seen in the streets on those locations where no one could possibly miss the advertising. Whether a history as painter, cartoonist or designer, the goal of many of these artists was to get to one of the 20th century metropoles and sign a big contract to work for one of the biggest advertising agencies. Fathers or masters of modern advertising art at the beginning of the 20th century were big names like Leonetto Cappiello, Achille Mauzan, Jean D’Ylen, Firmin Bouisset, Marcellin Auzolle, Henri Le Monnier, Ludwig Hohlwein, A.M. Cassandre, Paul Mohr or Jules Isnard Dransy to mention just a few of the masters in their work who definitely competed daily with eachother at their designstudios or private ateliers.

The world’s finest and most exclusive antique enamel signs have truly become hunted treasures today. Sometimes still left hidden or forgotten, simply waiting to be discovered. Some are unique or nearly unique shiny pearls that remind us how brands and products were promoted long before our grandparents were even born. With a highly decorative character, a stunning and timeless expression, and often a pricetag that goes beyond every wildest imagination, these Enamel Masterpieces have become highly valued art objects that decorate world’s finest and exclusive interiors.

With over 30 years of experience in this domain we hope to help or assist you in your search for a world class investment-grade advertising sign. Welcome to ENAMEL MASTERPIECES!

Enamel masterpieces at their original location anno 1900/1910
at the épicerie A.Monnier in Boncourt, Frontière Franco-Suisse.
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