For all Swiss chocolate lovers we have a true masterpiece in the house! Two beautiful ladies in Jugendstil style, offering us delicious Velma Suchard chocolate. Although over 100 years old, designed around 1900/1910, the design and gloss are still superb. The Jugendstil or Art Nouveau ladies for Velma Suchard, common for the period between 1890 and 1910, belong to the very first enamel street advertising signs with an illustrated image ever produced. Upon today the designer is unknown, but we sense a touch of Alfons Mucha or even Firmin Bouisset style in this masterpiece. Both were well known graphic illustrators working in Paris at the time. A similar version of this advertising sign, for MILKA Suchard (designed by Joseph Marie Husson in 1902) with the image of Barry, a Saint Bernhard rescue dog living in the Swiss Alps (same size, same origin) used to accompany the ladies in the streets of all major cities in Swiss. A perfect match. Through research and database infos we were able to track down and locate about 12 to 14 of the last remaining pieces of this iconic sign. Unfortunately only 4 to 5 of them are in good condition, most of them are restored or heavily damaged. It is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity finding this masterpiece available in our gallery !

Design by unknown
Vevey Suisse
Anno 1900/1910
99cm x 150cm

This sign is already sold.