Pure Orientalism at it’s best ! Did you know the name TURMAC (Turkish Macedonian Tobacco Company) was a factory in Zevenaar, Holland founded around 1920. They imported tobacco from Turkey and Macedonia and that’s how the brandname was composed & found TUR-MAC. Turmac invested a lot of attention in their advertising, branding and packages. Just look at the fully detailed 3D cigarettebox displayed on the enamel advertising sign, an exact copy of how the original boxes looked like. As the brand was intensely promoted and distributed, their cigarettes were much appreciated all over the world, from Holland to the Swiss, from Paris to Brussels. While A.M. Cassandre had just finished his Turmac-posterdesign in Paris in 1925, the Emaillerie Belge in Brussels must have received their order to produce the enamel sign showing the ‘easy-to-recognise-25pcs-package’. In identical size we know a similar Turmac sign showing an Oriental palace, destined to be front – and backside for an outside billboard at the local tobacco store, reminding you not to forget to buy your package of Turmac …the b├ęst Turkish cigarette !

Design by unknown
Emaillerie Belge S.A. Bruxelles
Anno 1928-1930
60cm x 80cm

This sign is already sold.