Here’s another oriental cigarettes icon we were never lucky enough to acquire before. The SALEM ALEIKUM Angel ! Absolute superb condition, 100% original, with fantastic colors and perfect gloss. This sign is probably the b├ęst condition of only a handfull known, in both horizontal and vertical version. Salem Aleikum was a cigarettes brand distributed by the Orient Tabak und CigarettenFabrik YENIDZE in Dresden (Germany). The factory was built in 1908/1909 in the typical Oriental style, and was therefor also named The Tobacco Mosque (TabaksMoschee). The minarets served as chimneys, and tobacco was dried under the glass dome.

Design by unknown
Heinr. Peters Emaillierwerk Elberfeld (Germany)
Anno 1910
30cm x 54,5cm (curved)

This sign is already sold.