One of Belgium’s most iconic Art Deco style enamel pearls for RIM’s fresh and pure orange juice. Isn’t she lovely, the sunning southern beauty using a slice of orange as a Spanish hand held fan to face the blazing heat in region where the juiciest oranges grow. The label says “Trouble parce-que naturel” (cloudy because 100% pure without any additions). The story goes that the RIM factory, located in Pottelberg near Kortrijk/Belgium, was heavily bombed during the 2nd WorldWar. Alltough the brand was ready to launch their product to the world, they had all their marketing materials, signs, cardboards, labels, bottles, wooden crates etc ready … but they never started up after WWII. Did this heavenly nectar/juicy ever got into production … we could only put our hands on crates filled with empty bottles, labeled bottles … but never used/filled … Only known by 6/7pcs upon today this 1937 produced by the Emailleries de Koekelberg (Bruxelles).

Design by Stanislas Herreboudt
S.A. Emaillerie Koekelberg Bruxelles
Anno 1937
48cm x 68cm

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