Proud to present to you one of Belgium’s finest and most exclusive antique enamel advertising signs: Rim Pure Orange Juice. It has been nearly 30 years, at Christie’s Amsterdam in 1996, that such a stunning piece was in an auction. For many decades it was said only 6 pieces of this beautiful design were left. Untill a few years back, totally out of nowhere, this 7th RIM popped-up as an unexpected barnfind during the clearing out of an old house in Belgium. A stunning design, showing us a southern beauty in the upper right corner, holding a slice of an orange as a hand fan. A glass of fresh juice and a catchy bottle invite us to grab this juicy refreshment before it’s gone. Just look at the brandname RIM written in the sky by an airplane, as if it was female aviator Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot who crossed the Atlantic earlier in 1935, in her Lockheed Vega. We will unveil much more information about its’ designer Stanislas Herreboudt in another upcoming project soon.

Design by Stanislas Herreboudt (BE)
S.A. Email. Koekelberg – Bruxelles
Anno 1937
47,8cm x 68cm

This sign is already sold.