F.L. CAILLER’s – Chocolat au Lait

This beautiful piece in Art Deco style belongs to the top of exclusive antique enamel advertising signs since many decades. In Switzerland and Germany it is referred to as the “Bübchen-und-Mädchen-Cailler” (the boy and the girl). It fetched a world record price at the Andreas Maurer auction at Christies Amsterdam in 1996 nearly 30 years ago, but was easily tenfolded in the past 5 years, when occasionally auctioned at the well-known German auction houses. The work is part of a small series of 5 different signs from the same period with identical size, all for different Swiss chocolate brands, all designed by different artists : Karl Bickel, Charles Kuhn, Carl Moos, Emil Cardinaux and Leonetto Cappiello. Nice to know: François-Louis Cailler was not only the first producer of chocolate in Switzerland, he was also the first manufacturer to perfect the art of making chocolate smooth enough to form into bars. In 1875 the company started using the condensed milk from the nearby Nestlé factory to create milk chocolate.

Design by Karl Bickel (CH, 1886-1982)
Vevey (CH)
Anno 1934
35cm x 50cm

This sign is already sold.