ENVER BEY Zigaretten

Have a look at this super rare Enver Bey Zigaretten in an absolute stunning condition. A timeless enamel masterpiece, by the hand of Hans Rudi Erdt (GER, 1883-1918), marked and produced at Boos & Hahn – Ortenberg (Baden), Germany around 1920/1925. The Enver Bey cigarette factory was a German cigarette factory based in Berlin-Friedrichshain (Koppenstraße 27), founded in 1909 and liquidated in 1936. What is left is this exceptional enamel advertising sign, a true piece of art. Colorful, stylish, strong in line and made with craftsmanship and a high level of perfection. An exceptional find in this condition, and probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially in this rarer large version of which our records could only locate 3/4pcs.

Design by Hans Rudi Erdt (GER, 1883-1918)
Boos & Hahn – Ortenberg (Baden)
Anno 1920-1925
60cm x 60cm

This sign is already sold.