To be honest, we have never seen a more horrifying and macabre sign than this Argentine 1930’s rarity of an operation scene. Detailed like a painting it is showing a patient being operated on the surgery table. Radicura pills, to save or cure a person’s liver, are promoted in order to prevent an operation. Translation: “If you plan to have surgery, stop! and take RADICURA pills, they never fail. A bottle of Hepatic Radicure contains 50 pills. Get a brochure here : La farmacia del Puerto, Av. San Martin – Rosario (ARGENTINA)” One might not consider this a real masterpiece, but the fact that this extreme rarity never crossed any radar in the past decennia makes it worth for us to show you all.

Design by unknown
Alemania (FerroEmail – Robert Dold ?)
Anno 1930 – 1940
39cm x 59cm

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