Cristal Chaudfontaine, l’eau pure et légère. A beautiful piece designed by Jean D’Ylen and manufactured by Emaillerie Belge Bruxelles in 1936. This piece has an incredible shiny gloss, fresh colors, and a superb scratch-free surface. We have never seen this sign in a better, well-conserved condition. Jean D’Ylen, originally born Jean Paul Beguin (FR, 1886-1938), made this design while he was working at the Etabl. Vercasson Paris advertising studio in Paris where he signed an exclusive contract in 1922. From 1934, a dispute with Vercasson, led him to work directly for Weiner in London. In 1938 he died, far too early, at the height of his career. We are very fortunate to have a piece of his legacy in such beautiful condition in our gallery.

Design by Jean D’Ylen
Emaillerie Belge Bruxelles
Anno 1936
60cm x 80cm

This sign is already sold.