Another striking design by Leonetto Cappiello (IT, 1875-1942) for the well-known Italian liqueur company CINZANO Vermouth from around 1910. Bold colors and a playful image featuring a man riding a vibrant rearing red zebra against a dark blue and green background. What a wonderful legacy of Cappiello’s typical and artistic style. This enamel sign for CINZANO Vermouth, produced in the 1920/30’s, belongs to the world’s most sought-after antique enamel advertising. The sign was produced in different sizes, different makes, and in different countries (Belgium, France and Argentina). In general, we can say that the ones produced in France at the Emaillerie Alsacienne Strasbourg (marked with the maker’s name in the lower border), the ones also marked with Cappiello’s signature in the background, are the most exclusive -, most precious ones. They carry the finest details and feature the best colors. If you are looking for a true enamel masterpiece to add a touch of sophistication and antique charm to your interior, this is it!

Design by Leonetto Cappiello
Emaillerie Alsacienne Strasbourg
Anno 1930ies
68cm x 98cm

This sign is already sold.