Look at this beautiful pair of 1920’s cigarettes signs for Xanthia/Laurens! A super conserved set of oriental tobacco signs in stunning condition. What a thrill to devide these two, mounted together back to back since the 1920’s, and give them a proper cleaning. The Cigarettes Xanthia, showing a beautiful scenery of an Egyptian temple reflected in the water of an oasis, is a design made by Géo Dorival, originally born Justin Marie Georges (FR, 1879-1968) a French poster artist. The Cigarettes Laurens is showing the great sphinx guarding the Pyramids in Giza/Gizeh, Egypt, under a starry sky. This image has become inseparable from the Laurens cigarette factory in Geneva, founded by Edouard Laurens in 1915. Both signs were produced at the Emaillerie Belge in Brussels between 1926 and 1931. In this size (60cm x 80cm) several different productions exist for Xanthia, Laurens and Turmac, some destined for the Belgian market, and others – without any tax or manufacture markings – destined for Holland, France and Switzerland.

Design by Géo Dorival / Anonymous
Emaillerie Belge Bruxelles
Anno 1926-1931
60cm x 80cm

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