With its commercial enterprise dating all the way back to 1797, over 220 years of history (!), Chocolates Amatller was a company experienced in the practices of merchandising and publicity. The first prize in their 1914 poster competition went to this design from Rafael de Penagos (ES, 1889-1954), showing a servant bringing in a tray of hot chocolate. Though his skin is Nubian black and his outfit reminds us of Sergei Diaghilev’s Arabian Nights ballets (Paris 1910), the company’s publicity called the bearer “Indian.” In different poster versions, the costume is given various color treatments. This exclusive antique enamel advertising sign dates from around 1915-1918 and is extremely rare. Inventory records show us only 2/3pcs known upon today, where this recent discovery is the b├ęst and only one in a 100% mint conserved condition. Simply stunning !

Design by Rafael de Penagos
Anno 1915-1918
18cm x 28cm

This sign is already sold.