In 1929 Leonetto Cappiello (IT, 1875-1942) created this remarkable design for the FRIGOR/CAILLER Chocolate factory in Vevey/Switzerland. The Polar Bear holding a bar of Frigor chocolate, one of the catchiest Art Deco designs Cappiello ever made, was not only produced as a poster, but also as an enamel advertsing sign known in 2 different sizes. A smaller curved sign measuring 35cm x 49,5cm and this larger folded-edge-version of 67,5cm x 96,5cm. This extremely rare large version is only known by 7 pieces upon today. Only one of them is in similar condition, three of them are known to be restored signs. This one, earlier sold in the 1990 Aril Drouven Auktion would be the 2nd best condition known. Besides the catalogue cover it was also the absolute highlight sign of that auction. After that, the sign would totally disappear off radar for almost 30 years, to suddenly pop-up at Micky Waue’s 2019 Auktion where we could put our hands on it. Officially the first European sign to break a 6 digits Euro sale price on Auktion, and definitely considered a world class investment grade top sign listed in the international top 10 of most exclusive antique enamel advertising signs ever made. All the rest is history. Cailler is the oldest chocolate brand still in existence in Switzerland.

Design by Leonetto Cappiello
Anno 1929
67,5cm x 96,5cm

This sign is already sold.