An undeniable beauty with a decorative character. This pioneering enamel advertising pearl for Cacao BENSDORP “Le meilleur déjeuner du matin” (the bést breakfast), was produced around 1895-1905. Bensdorp was a cocoa and chocolate processing factory in Amsterdam (Holland), founded by the brothers Gerardus (born 17.05.1812) & Hendricus (born 22.08.1815) Bensdorp in 1840. Gerardus initially started working in their father Gerrit’s business who ran a bakery. While Gerardus was a real entrepreneur he traveled abroad to learn and specialise in his domain. He lived in Brussels, Paris, Milan, Rome, Napels, Münich and Vienna and only returned back to Amsterdam in 1840 at the age of 28, as an acomplished and graduated confectioner and chocolatier. His certificates are printed in the anniversary album Bensdorp 1840-1940. This album also contains the annonce of December 1840 from the Amsterdamsche Courant, that he and his brother Hendricus had established a FABRIEK VAN CHOCOLAAD in Kerkstraat 184, “where the chocolate is processed in an Italian way.” In 1926 the Amsterdam factory was closed and the production entirely moved to Bussum. After the move, other branches in Vienna/Austria and Germany would open. Bensdorp lost its independance in 1972 after the acuisition by Unilever. The company fell into Swiss/Belgian hands in 1985 when it was bought by Barry Callebaut. The Bussum (NL) production facility was closed and the production was transferred to France.

Design by unknown
Patent Enamel Co LDT (Birmingham)
Anno 1895-1905
20cm x 37,5cm

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