BIÈRES MUTZIG, Blonde ou Brune

“The blonde and the brunette”, a lovely scene of 2 happy French girls promoting the Mutzigs’ brewery light and dark beer. As they both raise their glasses filled with joy, we can almost hear them shout ” CHEERS – À VOTRE SANTÉ “! Probably the only original French antique enamel sign where 2 girls are being put in the spotlight to promote a product. Less than 10 pieces of this rare masterpiece in this XL size appeared on our radar in the past decades, while this one – without any doubt – is showing us the brightest, freshest and most intense colors in both ladies’ faces, hair and beers ever seen. Superb gloss and 100% original while produced in Strasbourg/France nearly 100 years ago. An absolute must have if you’re into collecting and enjoying a good beer! A smaller version of 61cm x 80cm of this sign also exists. Little is known about the actual designer. We do know that Hervé Morvan (FR, 1917-1980) was also commisioned by the Mutzig brewery to design for them, but when this beauty was made, he was still only a child.

Design by unknown
Emaillerie Alsacienne Strasbourg (France)
Anno 1927-1930
95cm x 146cm

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