BI-OXYNE – Le dentifrice

Here’s one of our all time favorite bathroom decorations, Achille Mauzan’s (FR,1883-1952) oversized BI-OXYNE – Le Dentifrice, ” The Toothpaste ” from the 1930’s. Mauzan, born on the French Riviera in 1883, moved to Italy at the age of 22. He is known as a decorative illustrator designing during the Art Deco movement, though he also painted and sculpted. Mauzan departed to Buenos Aires in 1927, and during his five years spent in Buenos Aires, he marks deeply in the poster art in Argentina, where his reputation is enormous. In 1932 he leaves Argentina to join his wife who dies in Italy. Back in France in 1933, practically unknown, he will meet great difficulties to be made a place competing with Jean D’Ylen, Cassandre, Carlu, Cappiello and Colin.

Design by Achille Lucien Mauzan
Emaillerie Alsacienne Strassbourg
Anno 1927 – 1935
50cm x 210,5cm

This sign is already sold.