This stunning Jugendstil design, also known as “Mono y Mona” is not only an absolute jewel of Catalan modernism, but at the same time the antique enamel advertising sign is one of the world’s most wanted and most exclusive rarities known. In 1897, the founder of Anís del Mono, Vicente Bosch, organized the first poster contest in Spain in order to find the catchiest advertising for his anis liquor brand. Ramón Casas won the 1th price in the advertising contest in 1898 with his work “Mona y Mono”, showing “La Manola” the iconic female protagonist created at the end of the 19th century walking hand in hand with a monkey. The enamel signs were produced at Ferro Email / C.Robert Dold. Offenburg (Germany) and shipped to both Spain and Buenos Aires/South America.

Design by Ramon Casas i Carbó
Ferro Email / C.Robert Dold. Offenburg (Germany)
Anno 1930
53,5cm x 107,5cm

This sign is already sold.