Jules Isnard Dransy

Jules Isnard Dransy (1883 – 1945) was a Swiss Impressionist & Modern artist.  Little is known about his life, but he leaves a legacy of which “Nectar Livreur” is his masterpiece. Besides Nectar, he also designed for Maggi, Dubonnet, les Gitanes, et Mon Vin.

The original caracter “Nectar Livreur” by Dransy.
Art Deco make-over of the fictional caracter “Nectar Liveur” by Loupot. Loupot added a gentlemanly tail-coat to Nectar, turning the figure ‘high-class’. In this design, Loupot has smudged out Nectar into a mere shadow, superimposing two bottles of wine and his iconic hat with the ‘N’ of Nectar and Nicolas.
Cigarettes Gitanes – poster version

Cigarettes Gitanes – detail enamel sign