Achille Lucien Mauzan

Achille Lucien Mauzan (1883- 1952) was a French decorative illustrator of posters and postcards during the Art Deco movement, he also painted and sculpted. He divided his life between Milan, Paris and Buenos Aires. Between the years 1920 and 1940, the period between the wars, he used forms and materials under the influence of the avant-garde cubists. During his career as a poster printer and designer, Mauzan designed over 2.000 posters, using a style marked by humour and brilliant colours for advertisement and events and over 1,000 postcard images. He made several important posters for the Italian film industry in Turin, Later he established his own publishing house in Milan, the Mauzan-Morzenti Agency. In Argentina he set up the “Affiches Mauzan” (Mauzan Posters) publishing house where many of his greatest works were created and where he worked until 1932.
Mauzan is also noted for designing several war posters including an adaptation of the famous Lord Kitchener poster.

Poster designs by Achille Lucien Mauzan